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By Neil Petchey on 25/11/22 | Info

Lavender in the garden

Lavender not only looks sensational but smells amazing, so why not plant some in your garden, whether it's in pots or in raised garden beds.

Lavenders tend to vary in their hardiness. English lavender is fine to leave unprotected over winter as it’s frost resistant. 

English Lavender

French lavender is less hardy but more fragrant, extra care when pruning is needed for this lavender. 

Lavender tends to  prefer dry or moderately fertile soil, including chalky and alkaline soils. Lavender will not thrive in heavy clay soil or any soil that becomes waterlogged over winter. 

Potty about Lavender!

In pots, use multi purpose soil and grit to provide drainage. Plant so the root ball is just under the surface and water well.  It is advised to use ceramic pots, as they allow water to naturally evaporate. With plastic containers there is risk that water will stay inside. When your lavender is planted In pots, it’s a good idea to bring them into a greenhouse or just a sheltered position to stop them getting too wet over winter, as the roots don’t like to get too wet and can rot. 

When to Prune?

It’s best to trim them back or prune in late summer. When they are not pruned lavender can become straggly and overgrown.

Lavender prefers sunny conditions so it is good to bear in mind when planting. When first starting your lavender plants, keep them regularly watered during their first growing season. After that, they can handle extended periods of drought—in fact, too much water can lead to fungal disease and root rot.

Fun Facts

Having lavender outside your back door can deter insects such as mosquitoes and flies, not to mention smell great! 

Lavender is a great companion plant for the likes of roses also. 

A major reason lavender is so prized is that its flowers keep their fragrance once dried. For best drying results, harvest the flowers as the buds first begin to open. Hang them in small bunches upside-down in a warm spot with good air circulation until dried.

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